United Way of Hastings
Allocations Policy (Guidelines)

I.  Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the allocation process. 

II.  Allocation Process
The United Way of Hastings (UWH) Board of Directors reviews the outcome of the annual campaign during its January Board meeting and determines the amount to be allocated to agencies.  The Community Investment Committee meets, reviews agency applications for allocations, conducts agency interviews if necessary, and provides agency allocation recommendations to the Board for final approval.

III.  Allocation Guidelines

A.    Funded Agencies or Initiatives.  Funding will be generally limited to:
1.     Organizations which provide programs in the impact areas of: Education, Health, and Financial Stability.
2.     Organizations that demonstrate their program’s benefit to residents in our service area whether the service is provided as an independent agency or local/regional chapter of a national group.
3.     Organizations that measure and track the positive outcomes achieved by clients/consumers as a result of the services provided by the agency.
4.     Nonprofit organizations recognized by the IRS as 501(c)3 or a similar tax exemption such as a school district or unit of county or local government.
5.     Agencies that maintain accounting records and monitor the use of United Way funds. Organizations must maintain an appropriate ratio of fundraising and administrative overhead to that spent for delivery of programs - generally a minimum of 70% of income to program services.
6.     Agencies that are in compliance with antiterrorist funding in accordance with the USA PATRIOT Act.
7.     Agencies that welcome diversity in the selection of governing board and staff and that practice non-discrimination in the delivery of services.
B.    Non-funded Agencies or Initiatives.  Funding will not be considered for:
1.     Individuals or for-profit organizations.
2.     Religious organizations if the activities serve only their membership or promote a particular religion or denomination.
3.     Lobbying efforts designed to influence legislation.
4.     Direct support for travel or tours by individuals or groups unless such travel is a critical component of an eligible program such as providing transportation for the elderly and disabled.
5.     Advertising other than that designed to make the public aware of available services.
C.    Other.  Funding is usually not granted for:
1.     Endowment or capital campaigns.
2.     Athletic associations or teams.
3.     Fundraising events, testimonial events or dinners and related activities such as silent auctions, raffles, walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons or telethons.

IV.  Provision of Funds
Quarterly allocations are provided to the agencies. If donors designate allocations to specific agencies during the fundraising campaign:
    •·  Agencies will receive this designation as part of their quarterly allocation from the UWH.
    •   Agencies that are not affiliated with the UWH will receive the designation, less a 10% administrative fee.

V. Return of Funds
Programs that are not offered requires return of the allocated funds to the UWH by the agency.

VII. Funded Partner Agency Noncompliance
When it is determined that an agency is not in compliance with the Partner Agency Agreement, UWH reserves the right to withhold funding and/or request return of funding.

VIII. Noncompliance Process

1.     Upon learning of noncompliance or potential noncompliance of a Funded Partner Agency, UWH Executive Director will alert the Community Investment Committee Chair and the Executive Committee, followed by written notification to the agency of the noncompliance with request that agency comply with the requirement(s). A meeting with the agency leadership and UWH leadership to learn further details regarding the situation may occur.
2.     UWH may withhold funding and/or request return of funding. Discussion of the sanction will be held by the UWH Executive Committee and Executive Director with recommendations from Community Investment Committee Chair. Executive Committee recommendations will be provided to the Board of Directors for final review.
3.     Written notification outlining the noncompliance and the decision of the Board of Directors will be provided to the agency.

Our Work

We work to create and support programs, collaborations, and initiatives that bring together community members, agencies, government, businesses local churches and foundations with the goal of addressing the root cause of the needs in our community.

We work to Meet Basic Needs and Support Individuals and Families as well as address needs in three impact areas:

  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Stability

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